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This year olive oil has got a nutty flavour and fresh cut grass taste. This Olive Oil is best used on salad and raw as condiment to meat, fish and soup.. Olivieri olive oil is cold-pressed and grown without the use of fertiliser. This produces oil that is both extraordinarily aromatic and light in taste.It has a light flavour with a slight hint of vanilla. Soon after harvest you will notice a delicious peppery heat to it – this is completely natural and fades somewhat over time.

The olive trees that produce this oil are hundreds of years old and are situated high above the Adriatic coastline, near the family home, in what is now known as The National Park of Gargano. The variety of olive is the ‘Ogliarola Garganica’, which is an endemic species of olives only grown in Gargano, making this oil truly 100% Italian.

New Season 3lt Can-Drum of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

SKU: 043
  • This is a fresh product and the presence of sediment at the bottom of the container/bottle is normal and is part of the natural process of sedimentation. Discard the sediment and do not consume it. Olivieri olive oil is cold-pressed.

  • Please let us know any problems with our products and we will be very happy to change or refund it if you are not happy with your purchases.

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