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Offering speciality and artisan foods since 2010​

Sophia and Florence Olivieri
olives on a net

We are an Irish Company with an Italian connection.

I arrived here in Ireland from Italy in 1999 for a 3 month English course and I’m still here 24 years later, with two beautiful Italian-Irish daughters, Florence and Sophia.

We also spend much of our time throughout the year in Italy to looking after the olive grove and Agriturismo, Casa Colletta Vieste

I have been involved in the Organic, Fairtrade and NGO's movements in

Ireland since I moved here.

After almost 10 years working for Amnesty International Irish Section,

I opened my own business to bring quality products to the

Irish market and worldwide.

In the year 2010, I inherited my family's olive grove and farm in South Italy, Apulia, where we produce mainly extra virgin olive oil,

as well as olives and almonds.

We were mention in the article  " Where will you find the best olive oil in Ireland?" by The Irish Times on the 1st February 2017  

We also sell Organic and/or Fairtrade coffee, chocolate, pasta and other quality Italian and European products directly 

and to select shops around Ireland as well as supply restaurants and cafes.

I hope you enjoy our products. Why not come to visit us at our farm in Apulia where you can stay and enjoy a dinner al fresco under the pergola!

Here are some newspaper articles about our olive oil and farm​

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