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One pack each of Fusilli, Penne, Pipe and Spaghetti.

You can make your own selection if you want, just write a note on the checkout with the shape that you like most. Thank you. Lino 


The organic durum wheat used for the production of this pasta is sown between November and January, in rotation with legumes, vegetables and fodder.


The elimination of weeds is carried out exclusively by mechanical means, without any use of chemicals. The harvest takes place at full maturity, between mid-June and late July, depending on the vintages and altitudes.


In order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the raw material, the semolina is cold pressed and the pasta is dried at moderate temperature. The bronze drawing makes it rough and porous, allowing it to retain and enhance sauces and condiments.

4 packs of Wholemeal Pasta, Organic, 2kg

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