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ReModena Yellow Label is a classic white dressing that is a combination of grape must and Trebbiano grape vinegar. Ageing in oak barrels gives it a more harmonious and well-balanced structure. Its low acidity renders it delicate and non-aggressive, with hints of intensity and brilliance that make it perfect for a wide range of uses: from salads to vinaigrettes and from fish to marinades.



A bright, clear straw yellow color with an intense, pleasant aroma. A decisive but non-aggressive flavor that ends with a light, pleasant sweet note.



Concentrated organic grape must, organic white wine vinegar.


Suggested Pairings

Summer salsads, fish, vinaigrette , raw vegetables, grilled vegetables and marinades


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Theo Randall’s secret ingredient

Organic White dressing with " Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy, 250ml

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